Quick Synopsis of the Tournament

Look for more detail reports tomorrow afternoon after I get into town.
Game 1: Lagerheads 2, Minnesota Boys 1
Game 2: Lagerheads 1, Detroit Boys 2
Too much drinking fogs Lagerhead scoring. For those who were in Montreal last year, we repeated our early Saturday letdown game.
Game 3: Lagerheads 2, San Diego 3
The San Diego team outscored their opponents in the other three games by a combined 19-1. Lagerheads were all tied up with a minute to play, but a tie did them no good so they had to pull the goalie.
Bronze Medal Game: Lagerheads 5, Minnesota Boys 3
Lagerheads were determined to come home with some hardware and as it was noted, the team with the least hungover goaltender would have the advantage.
Great time was had by all, details about the black hookers to follow….

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25 Responses to Quick Synopsis of the Tournament

  1. HB says:

    Nice Job Gents, That’s the first time Lager heads ever played a Sunday game.

  2. hockeybobeatspoo says:

    Not true, we’ve played Sunday games before but they never meant anything

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    Nice job boys. Who was the MVP? Did Bernie make any poon poon reddah?

  4. no poon reddah fiyah says:

    no, but United lost all of my equipment and my two synergy’s. F’ing nightmare. Still no word. My vote for the MVP: Sleepy the Goalie for his solid netminding, and Denny for helping me fill Dean’s role and for drinking a bottle of captain on the bench during the whole bronze game. That was impressive. Great time, i say we bring two teams next year. Denny’s boys were all cool cats. Anybody know any good deals on equipment?

  5. Hb says:

    No Sundays in
    or Oaks.
    Boston we played Sunday but it was not the Official Lager heads franchise. It was also the gold medal Game.
    Did you guys play on Sunday at Lake Placid?
    1 win and playing on Sunday is a major accomplishment.

  6. red rocket says:

    one win and a tie Hoser Bob!

  7. Dr. Bumba says:

    How were the teams?

  8. if you go i'll go says:

    we could do two teams next year. as long as denny has 15 more friends, or the penguins don’t all have an appt at the the ob/gyn on the same day.

  9. leroy says:

    more goals for than against … that is definitely a new tourney record!

  10. red rocket says:

    drunk, but really fast. Our defense was actually bigger than the Flyers, and that worked well, especially when Art was the shortest by 3 inches. I haven’t played teams that quick in a long time, and they moved the puck really well. Our D just broke up a lot of long passes, and our goalie was amazing.
    St. Paul was good, but not enough skaters
    Detroit played like they were from Detroit, bunch of hookers
    San Diego was really good, big and fast.

  11. Art says:

    I’m freaking exhausted. Here’s how I sum up the time. I was hanging out with Denny because I wanted to take it easy!
    The teams were very good, on par with or a little better than last year. Bernie and I will probably argue whether that team with all the UConn dudes at the Lake were better. That team struck me as faster but probably not the overall talent. But hey, we played against Benoit Hogue. Not that Benoit, but a Benoit Hogue. And also big 77 from the San Diego team who evidently was a first round draft pick in the NHL. Couple of U of Minnesota alums were also on the ice. Denny and one of them went at it pretty good. So that’s some quality. I’d like to say thanks to everyone who came and played. Especially Denny for bringing his boys down, it was fun to play with all that talent. And of course to Deaner who selflessly organized it all. Hopefully we’ll see enough for a couple of teams in Toronto next year.

  12. BBrandt says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Dean. While we have never met and only spoke briefly, you did a great job organizing the team. I also wanted to say thanks to all the guys who played. I think we faired very well for a team that had not played together. I had a great time playing with you and look forward to playing with you in the future.

  13. #20 says:

    yah, props to to our gm, deaner for setting the wheels in motion on this one. and props to my fellow lagerheads for playing some damn good drunken hockey this weekend. i’ll go to war with you guys anyday…..those detroit & san diego teams don’t stand a chance next year!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dr. Bumba says:

    Denny renewing the Minnesota/Michigan rivalry, nice. I am sure it was pretty interesting with all of those boys from the UP. Bernie, that sucks about your equipment, but it could be a sign to play more golf.

  15. AM says:

    I would also like to thank Dean. I also bugged him with email … then to find out he wasn’t even playing. Weekend was fun, plenty of stories to be told. Thanks again for the invite. -goalie

  16. dk says:

    thanks for the gratitude, but Can/Am makes it easy to keep on track. I’m glad you all had a good weekend, and it sounds like you played some awesome hockey. Now, if we could just get bern’s gear back …

  17. Dr. Bumba says:

    What about the Wood Duck hookers?

  18. fiyah says:

    gear is back…roomates hate me. my porch has been quarantined.

  19. Kevin says:

    Yeah, what about the Wood Duck’s cheerleaders?

  20. ZDALDO says:

    Guys, Thanks goes out to Dean for organizing the trip, also thanks goes out to Denny for bringing the talent, it was a nice change being on the winning side and I think we would all agree on the hockey chemistry, one of the D could have gotten himself laid if he would have listened to Z… all had a good time, the only real woman action was the flap jacks at the Wiener Circle, need to get the Mother F..king picture out of my head! Lets Go For Gold Next Year Boys!

  21. Baaaaaaa says:

    Sounds like you guys really bonded. I can’t wait to hear about the gay sex back at the hotel rooms. Broke back Can/Am coming to the rams web site soon!!
    They may have brought back a little for you dean.

  22. hammered at lunch says:

    I got something for your back Baaaaaaaaaaaa! little protein will help you skate a little faster.

  23. Baaaaabillygoat says:

    Skate and poop cum chowder!!

  24. not alot of penalties this time says:

    now that i know big 77 was a 1st round draft pick i don’t feel so bad for making me look how chris therian normally does when an ECHL player goes one on one with him. i’ve had nightmares on that move…i swear i thought he was going inside of me. Props to Deaner for putting the time and effort in to see to it that we had another great experience. Props to Denner for gathering his boys, they were a difference maker. And major thanks to my D partner, Kurt, who was as big or bigger than me and tore it up out there and was enjoyable to play with. Hope to play with all again next year. I would love to go to war again with this crew.

  25. red ricket says:

    yeah, screw your normal D partner, he sucks

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