Off to Chicago, entries will be sporadic

Well as we get set to embark on what we hope will be the most successful Lagerheads tournament to date, there will be plenty of questions in search of answers. Who will be the MVP? How many times will Denny fall down at faceoffs? Will we all make it back? Will we all make it there? Can guys from San Diego play hockey? These are just some of the questions. Stay tuned to for the answers…. Who didn’t pay?

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5 Responses to Off to Chicago, entries will be sporadic

  1. el presidente says:

    PS – the guys from San Diego aren’t from San Diego. They’re from the Czech republic. Hope that doesn’t make you all nervous …
    Good luck. Jive Turkey is pulling for you.

  2. Hb says:

    Good luck..

  3. lagerhead.20 says:

    were here, 3 pints deep, and the czecs r guey! oh and z’s stickbag didn’t clear customs! more 2 follow…

  4. raz says:

    good luck fellas- remember, video of the MVP quest would be appreciated by the boys on the homefront

  5. Anonymous says:

    Text message says NO MVP yet.

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