Best Pizza

My friend Johnny Goodtimes is on a quest for the best pizza in the Philadelphia area and is looking for suggestions, whether it be a slice or a sit down place. Any suggestions?

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13 Responses to Best Pizza

  1. Hb says:

    Alex’s Pizza in Manayunk but he already knows about this place.

  2. red rocket says:

    Boboli! ALL DAY, All DAY!

  3. bender says:

    rivera in good old Roslyn pa. Jones know’s whats up

  4. Dr. Bumba says:

    You guys probably can’t tell, but I like Riviera Pizza in Roslyn as well. Keep it up Sal.

  5. dk says:

    don’t like alex’s although i hear time and again how good it is.
    my favorite slice comes from the couch tomato cafe in manayunk. second best from rustica in northern liberties. they’re both more “artisan” pies though with homemade dough.

  6. shoup says:

    Where exactly is Riviera Pizza? Haven’t tried that yet.

  7. Dr. Bumba says:

    Riviera Pizza is on Easton Road in Roslyn (next to the old Run a Round).

  8. Hb says:

    Rustica is good it’s atually the only good pizza place in that area. Everything else in my area is Greek Pizza which sucks.

  9. mc says:

    margharita pizza – old city

  10. golin says:

    Tacconelli’s Pizza, port richmond…’s so good you have to reserve you dough a day in advance………..

  11. KD says:

    I’m a big fan of Roslyn Pizza which is right around the corner from Riviera

  12. fartboxfckr says:

    I know that Mike Elephant enjoys a nice slice of koshar pizza from Deez….

  13. mvp says:

    Your boy goes by the moniker Johnny Goodtimes and he doesn’t know where to find a slice??? Make a right out your front door to 20th & Chestnut…Dolce Carrini is the best in town…at least Center City.
    Must have the crushed tomato (which does have cheese on it).

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