2006 WSL Draft Results

Complete Rosters After the Jump

Al Donato
Brett Horger
Dan Axelrod
Dean Kline
Jay Matthews
John Coneybear
Keith Vossclev
Larry Klebanoff
Ryan Kearney
Ryan Schwartz
Sean Baron
Tim Brooks
Tim Joyce
Todd Wochok
Topher Brooks
Aaron Rappaport
Bob Grill
Carter Leonards
Dan Gunning
Dave Morasco
Dave Peak
Dave Woods
Jim Aramini
Jim Rooney
Kevin Bender
Kevin McClelland
Mike Kendzior
Rich Rohan
Ryan Parkin
Andre Lennertz
Arthur Etchells
Bernie Gilespie
Billy Mellisen
Bob Klebanoff
Brian McCoy
Dave Joyce
Dave Kane
Dave Kratzer
Jim Brnich
Jon Bueller
Phil Quenzer
PJ McCoy
Rob Mellisen
Brian Jones
Chris Curci
Chris Golin
Denny Schmidt
Doug Soehl
Greg Curci
Kevin Dowell
Leo Eisenstein
Mark Mitchell
Mike Elefant
Pat McDonald
Rob Szatkowski
Rock Gallagher
Scott Emerson
Steve DaMico

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27 Responses to 2006 WSL Draft Results

  1. Kleb says:

    Who picked these teams? Thanks Hoagie and Bill.

  2. carter says:

    fuck you

  3. Carl Krauser says:

    Sorry Carter, I had a rough game yesterday.

  4. thegoatsbro says:

    Nice work boys.

  5. goat says:

    Fuck You Kleb.

  6. dr. bumba says:

    all you brokebacks shut your mouth, come and play, teams are picked as even as we can make ’em. can’t blame a wooduck for bein a wooduck.

  7. Bob Kleb says:

    screw you lar, my team’s awesome.

  8. carter says:

    not blaming, but shit you be stacked! Is Woodsy going to play? Haven’t seen him lately. Me, A-train and Schwartz on the front. We got this one locked up.

  9. Jon B. says:

    Come on Kleb, we tried our best to make even teams, I knew that people would complain, but I did not think that they would complain this early. I think that the teams are even, as did everyone else at the draft party. Good luck in the spring league and if I get more complaints I will step down as commisioner of the WSL. GOOD LUCK!!!

  10. cafrter says:

    F#@* Carl Krauser Too!

  11. Jeff C says:

    1) Who is John Coneybear?
    2) Who the Fuck picked these teams?

  12. Baaaaa says:

    1) You have been replaced by your 6 yr old brother John.
    2) Your Mom

  13. Jeff C says:


  14. Dr. Bumba says:

    Who is John Rooney?

  15. poll winner says:

    Kleb just earned me $100 for being the first to bitch. Also, is Sean Baron supposed to be sean heron. B/C that then makes L. Kleb’s team a real contender.

  16. HB says:

    Teams look good!
    Do we have Defensemen on the Darkness?
    I will bring beer to our first Game.

  17. carter says:

    I play D? Your real name is Bob? I thought beer was supplied by the rink?
    Tim and Topher Brooke are both really good, played with them growing up at Wiss.

  18. Patrick says:

    Are those the chosen jersery designs? For the ducks, I suggest we depict one wood duck giving a rusty trombone to another wood duck…. or just a picture of Jones.

  19. Patrick says:

    Traded… what the crap is that… and a case of beer was needed to seal the deal… I know I played poorly the other day… but come on?

  20. Hb says:

    You could change the team name to the Colossal Craniums.

  21. Dr. Bumba says:

    I am not sure there is enough room on the ice for my head and Elefant’s head. WSC might have to take the first couple of rows out and expand for us.

  22. carter says:

    Golfing today at 2 if anyone wants to come.

  23. killit skillit says:

    mmmm. sausage gravy.

  24. galati says:

    Someone find out if Steve DaMico went to C.B. West. Please let me know and let me know when there are sunday skates. thanks.

  25. Steve D. says:

    Yea, I went to C.B. West. Let me guess, Nick Galati??

  26. b.f. goodrich says:

    Yes, he’s easily recognized by the tire tracks on his gear.

  27. galati says:

    So, what? I ran over my fucking equipment. Everybody does that shit. I wish I would have played in this spring league now. Oh well. Seriously, someone let me know when there are skates galati@vet.upenn.edu

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