1000th Comment


Congratulations, with the most recent post by senor no es rapido PhiladelphiaRams.com has hit 1000 comments in just under nine months. Woooooo! Ding! Woooooo!

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4 Responses to 1000th Comment

  1. Dill Pickle Sucker says:

    I am 1001. YEAH

  2. senor no es rapido says:

    what do i win……?? free pitcher @ big heads????
    perhaps a metamorphosis to senor mucho mas boracho

  3. dr. demotivator says:

    jus 1000 comments in 9 months, bumba & co. aren’t slacking enough at work……

  4. Art says:

    It breaks down to one every 7 hours, 16 minutes, and 19 seconds. And that’s with Booty on lockdown.

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