Will Tocchet Fiasco Affect Pens Arena Deal?

Pittsburgh might want to rething casino financing
This has been underlying theme I’ve seen today, could the specter of gambling doom the Penguins in Pittsburgh?
llegal gambling.

Remember those two words, because they are key to questions being raised about NHL fallout from the Rick Tocchet situation in Phoenix.
Specifically, those words are being mentioned in Pittsburgh, where the Penguins’ future is tied to a decision on a casino company.
Quick rehash: Isle of Capri Casinos proposes to provide principle financing for an arena to replace the antiquated Igloo if it gets a slots license in Pittsburgh. That proposal could save the team, which is on the market and has suitors who would move it out of town.

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3 Responses to Will Tocchet Fiasco Affect Pens Arena Deal?

  1. Hb says:

    Can we get some Tocchet mullet pictures?

  2. raz says:

    howzabout Aldo mullet pics?

  3. Kevin says:

    Tough week for hockey. Now Jose Theodore has failed steriod testing for Olympics. http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/197706.html

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