USA Ties Latvia

Current Games:
USA 3, Latvia 3 FINAL
Jordan Leopold saves tie for US.
Earlier Results:
Russia 3, Slovakia 5 FINAL
Marian Gaborik scores twice in final 4 minutes
Czech Republic 4, Germany 1
Tomas Kaberle scores twice as the Czechs roll 4-1. Hasek leaves the ice early in the first period versus Germany.
Canada 7, Italy 2
8 Canadians contributed multiple points as Canada soundly defeated host Italy.
Sweden 7, Kazakhstan 2
Daniel Tjarnqvist scored twice for the Tres Kroners as they spanked Borat and Kazakhstan.
Finland 5, Switzerland 0
Niitimaaki gets the shut out and Oli Jokinen scores twice.

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9 Responses to USA Ties Latvia

  1. HB says:

    It would be great if we could watch or listen to the games at work. Any one know if they are streaming the games?

  2. Art says:

    I don’t believe so. Which really sucks.
    Best I know of is following along from here,
    or have a self-employed friend who is sitting in front of the tv IM you as interesting things happen. That’s what I’ve been doing.

  3. Art says:

    By the way I want to go on record stating the Slovaks are my dark horse squad. They’ve got a great group of forwards, solid D. And maybe that’ll be enough.

  4. Art says:

    So when are we all taking a day off to watch games. The semifinal day, Friday Feb. 22 is appealing. Games at 8am and 11. But how about making a whole day of it on quarterfinal day. Four games on the 22nd, they all mean something. 8 till about 5pm. Hockey, hockey, hockey.
    Maybe convince a bar it should be opened for this. I was not laughed out off my bar stool when I suggested this to a bar owning friend of mine. Would anyone be interested?

  5. Hb says:

    I might be into this, but i won’t be up at 8 am. We used to watch the games at Hoagies house when they lived in the old mansion. Beer meister and Donatos pizza. those were the days.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I need an update!

  7. JR says:

    They tied a team of nobody’s

  8. Artrus Irbe says:

    Screw You

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