Sweden Takes Home Gold

Sweden Defeats Finland 3-2

The three crowns on Sweden’s hockey sweaters are said to represent three great kings. Try convincing any fan they don’t stand for hockey royalty: Forsberg, Sundin and Lidstrom.
Sweden’s three biggest stars came through in its biggest game ever, with Nicklas Lidstrom scoring the game-winning goal 10 seconds into the third period on assists by Mats Sundin and Peter Forsberg as the Swedes beat rival Finland 3-2 Sunday for the Olympic men’s hockey gold medal

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3 Responses to Sweden Takes Home Gold

  1. Kevin says:

    That save by Lundquist at the end of the game was rediculous.

  2. Kevin says:

    Looking at that picture, I guess they don’t have the 38″ height limit on the goalie pads in international play.

  3. Art says:

    Goalie pad reductions will not effect the International game until next year. It’s interesting that some goalies went out and got bigger pads for the Olympics while others like MVP Niitymaaki stuck with his NHL pads. Interesting to note it looks like Lundquist is using new and presumably bigger catcher and leg pads, but his blocker has Ranger blue and red on the other side.

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