Say it Ain’t So Jose

Theodore’s hair tonic causes positive test

Theodore tested positive for the hair restoration drug, Propecia, which is not an anabolic steroid but does act as a masking agent. Mulder stated that Theodore has been using the product for “eight to nine years.”

Someone doesn’t buy it

But here’s the critical issue — someone, someone important, isn’t buying it.
What we know to be true is that Theodore is awaiting an arbitration hearing with the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada. In order for an issue to get to this appeal level, it means the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, which is charged with overseeing Olympic drug testing in Canada, has effectively said it isn’t buying Theodore’s explanation.

Barnett bet on Super Bowl through Tocchet

Phoenix Coyotes GM Mike Barnett placed a Super Bowl bet with alleged illegal betting ring leader and Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet for a few hundred dollars, a source close to the team told Thursday.

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