Sasha is Flexible

Olympic Portraits

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8 Responses to Sasha is Flexible

  1. JB says:

    what a whore!

  2. Johny D mayo says:

    I like my clams on ice.

  3. Bob Kleb says:

    Where’s the shot from behind????

  4. Red Rocket says:

    My face is back there, you wouldn’t see anything

  5. Red Rocket says:

    I think JB wishes that was a picture of Brian Boitano.
    She is one of the top two hottest figure skaters ever. Even though that sport is a waste of ice-time, I’d give up our ice slot to see her slot!

  6. snotty palmer says:

    best pic ever on

  7. Sir Cums Alot says:

    She would look good on “White street, black meat”.

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