Rams Notch First Against Zebs

antelope_humping_zebra.jpgWith more than twenty goals out of the lineup Sunday it looked to be a difficult battle for the Rams against the Zebras. But every game between these two has been difficult. Each game over the past two seasons had been a single goal or less affair.
The Rams came out quickly from the opening faceoff, batlling through the Zebras typical barrage of slashes, hooks and crosschecks. Shoup scored midway through the first period on a bouncer that beat the Zebras goalie five hole. The Rams added their second goal shortly after, as Rob Melissen batted in a rebound.
The second period was a high pitched battle with the Rams answering the Zebras physical challenge and managing not to battle the referees. The Zebras did cut the lead to one scoring with just two seconds remaining on a power play. But the Rams answered back decisively as Colin sprung Denny for a breakaway goal. The Zebras appeared to make things interesting, scoring just before the buzzer of the second to get back within one.
The Rams though weren’t about to let that goal deflate them though as they put a defensive lock down on the Zebs in the third. And it was the Goat who ended scoring in a goal that personified the Rams effort as his second, third and fourth efforts were all there to get the Rams their two goal cushion back.
All in all, a satisfying win for the Rams who were all smiles after the game.

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10 Responses to Rams Notch First Against Zebs

  1. goat says:

    No mention of the MVP, Kevin, who had a hell of a game and brought beer.
    Speaking of mvp thanks to Codair for bringin donuts and the sexy girl. NICE!!!!!

  2. fiyah says:

    and PJ McCoy! for helping out the battered rams. nice win gents.

  3. Townsend says:

    Special mention should go to Colin Baker, who against all odds actually found a new reason for me to give him a penalty when he called one of the Zebra’s players “Fatty!” Colin tried to claim to me after the game that he was actually saying that we should all go out for a cheesesteak and beer after the game at Fatties.
    According to him, I must be the one with the problem because he didn’t get penalized at all in the Wintersport Spring League or at Oaks.

  4. Hb says:

    Is this true did he really get a penalty for calling a guy Fatty?

  5. thegoatsbro says:

    Its as true as the zebras are cheap.

  6. new daddy says:

    nice win boys. see you tuesday.

  7. lazy forward says:

    it has already been stated that Sunday’s win was a definite team effort, but specific mention should be made to the outstanding effort by the defense … anchored by the stellar play by Kevin of course … but the blueliners had their finest effort of the season in this writer’s opinion.

  8. raz says:

    I hear the goat was butting heads like a 4 legged Ram.

  9. fiyah says:

    yeah, with “the dman dildo.”
    not to be confused with Aldo’s brother Rich.

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