Olympics and the Stanley Cup

Who was the first hockey player to win Olympic Gold and the Stanley Cup in the same year?
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The first player to win the Stanley Cup and an Olympic gold medal in the same year was Ken Morrow. The magic year for him was 1980. Morrow was 23 years old and a member of the 1980 USA Miracle on Ice squad that won the gold in Lake Placid in February. He then finished the 1980-81 season with the New York Islanders, winning the Stanley Cup in May.

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3 Responses to Olympics and the Stanley Cup

  1. Kevin says:

    Steve Yzerman & Chris Draper in 2002? Red Wings + Team Canada

  2. HB says:

    Cheeco Resch. But he was the back up.

  3. Master BateMe says:

    This is only my second time on the site. I must say it really has gone down hill. Did they fire the old editor? The front page has nothing but hockey zzzzzzzzzzzz. Where are all the hot babes?

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