Olympic Update

10:30, Switzerland – Sweden
11:30, Finland- USA
2:30, Russia – Canada
3:30, Slovakia – Czech Republic
I’m going to take the day off. Going to the Irish Pub, 20th & Walnut Streets. They open at 11. Who else is coming?
In Progress:
Earlier Today:
USA comes right back only to see Esche give up a weak one.
Sweden loses one they wanted to anyway.
Switzerland ties Italy, secures second in pool

The Swiss (2-1-2) were the most perplexing of the 12 teams in round-robin play, upsetting gold medal favorite Canada and the world champion Czech Republic only to tie weak non-qualifiers Germany and Italy in their final two Group A games.

Another shutout for Finland

Finland got through its final preliminary game without an injury, avoiding the only thing that could’ve made their Olympic match against Germany matter.

Win over Czechs earns Canada No. 3 seed

The goals came, as Wayne Gretzky predicted they would. Martin Brodeur played like a gold-medal winning goalie, too.
That doesn’t mean Canada solved all its problems during an encouraging but far-from-perfect performance one day before the Olympic men’s hockey games start to count.

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6 Responses to Olympic Update

  1. HB says:

    Who the hell is this guy?
    KORESHKOV Yevgeniy
    He is fourth in scoaring, playing against the greatest players in the world.

  2. head duck says:

    i heard he has a mean C-button

  3. Jon B. says:

    It is becomming very obvious that Esche is really just not good enough. He doesn’t often look bad but he never really steps up big time. When I heard that he was starting against Russia, I knew that he would give up at least three goals. But 5 goals on 12 chances? Lets make one or two game changing saves.
    Nittymaki must be the starter for the Flyers from now till he retires.

  4. Dr. Bumba says:

    I heard that Clarke is looking at the Zebras goalie as a posible starter.

  5. David Woods says:

    Esche is just like Wanger. When you see him in net you know that there is no chance for a shutout. Esche probably smokes weed too.

  6. raz says:

    That game winner was pretty weak. How about Ovechkin’s shot on Chelly – Yo Art go easy at the pub, big red has the blue rhino(11-0-1) at 11pm. I’m not asking you to be sober, just present.

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