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tocchet_bench.jpgLatest on Tocchet Gambling Case
Add Travis Green and Jeremy Roenick to the names associated with the Tocchet case. There is also a rumored big name “Hollywood heavyweight” involved. Any ideas?
Les Bowen certainly takes Rick to task.
Another great point of this developing story:

Harney and Tocchet met about a decade ago when Tocchet was playing for the Philadelphia Flyers and Harney was not yet a state trooper. At the time, Lewis said, Harney was a bartender at a Holiday Inn in Philadelphia and Tocchet was a regular customer. Lewis said it was unclear how Ulmer came to know the other men.

Rick Tocchet hung out at the Stadium Holiday Inn? That’s embarrassing.

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  1. JB says:

    I wonder why he wasn’t at the turf club? Seems more to his liking.

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