Finns Shutout Another

Finland 4, Russia 0 FINAL
Finns look to go undefeated with Gold, no one has done that since 1984. just five goals against in seven games with five shutouts.
Sweden 7, Czech Republic 3 FINAL
7 different scorers for the Swedes.
Hitchcock: Blame the coaches

There are times when Ken Hitchcock can be perfectly frank. Thursday, when explaining Canada’s quarterfinal ouster from the Olympics a night before, he pushed that level to blunt.
Hitchcock, an assistant coach for a second straight Winter Games, offered no big philosophical reasons for his team’s early demise.
“From a coaching standpoint, it’s disappointing,” he said. “It’s disappointing in that building [Torino Esposizioni] in three games we didn’t score any goals.
“With the way Marty Brodeur played, we didn’t need that many goals. [The coaches] feel responsible. We’ll have do a review when we get some time away.”

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  1. HB says:

    On another note, NEVER EVER buy bauer 8090’s. I have had the Skates for two months and I have another cracked blade. The replacement runner cost 25 bucks. If this keeps up I will spend about 300 bucks a year on Skate maintnence. Chances are it will be more because i have only been playing once a week. That’s on top of the 260 I already shelled out.

  2. todayisawawedgie says:

    We only sell those skates to terrorist

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    Is that your excuse for not showing up last night?

  4. Jon B. says:

    Bauer had about a 6 month period where all of the runners it sent out were defective. they crack. The skates are fine, its the runners that suck. After you get new ones, there will be no problem. The store you bought the skates from should comp you.

  5. raz says:

    stop your whining, they might last longer if ya used ’em more than once a month

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