Who is Marek Svatos

Crosby, Ovechkin, Phaneuf, Richards, Carter…
These are the names we’ve heard over and over again this season. Who will wind up the Calder Trophy winner? Well how about the leading rookie scorer in the Western Conference? Who’s that? you ask. Well that’s Marek Svatos. Just 8 points behind Sidney Crosby and a single goal behind roakie leader Alexander Ovechkin, Marek’s 26 goals and 40 points would be sensational in any other year. And he comes to the Wachovia Center tomorrow. So be sure to check him out as the NHL debuts on NBC.
Could Peter Puck Return?

Speaking of history, might NBC revive the most infamous symbol of its last try at regular-season hockey, which ended in 1975? That would be Peter Puck, the cartoon that debuted in 1973 and explained the game between periods.
“That’s top secret,” Flood said. “If I told you, I would have to shoot you.”

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