What’s the Greatest Goal?

Dave Morasco brought up an interesting question the other night in the locker room. What’s the best hockey goal?
You have to have Michigan’s Mike Legg goal on the list. Forsberg’s Olympic shootout move. Ovechkin last week. Orr soaring through the air. Denny is partial to Yzerman’s laser past Fuhr. Kevin isn’t a big fan of “Matteau, Matteau, Matteau,” but it was a huge goal because of the situation. Add your favorites to the comments.

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10 Responses to What’s the Greatest Goal?

  1. Ron Hextall says:

    Claude Lemeuix had a good one on me in ’95

  2. Brian Boucher says:

    Don’t worry Ron, it happens to all of us. Patrick Elias got me good in ’00.

  3. Art says:

    Hmmm, can’t recall that ’95 goal. Must not have happened.
    owen Nolan’s called shot was pretty classic.
    Dave Poulin shorthanded breakaway against Quebec was dramatic.
    Lemieux from Gretzky during Canada Cup.
    Oh, and here’s the Legg goal if you haven’t seen it in awhile.

  4. Jon B. says:

    Lemieux has one where he undresses none other than Ray Bourque with like three moves and then scores. Sick.

  5. Red Rocket says:

    Roman Vopat’s rebound goal.
    That one time when Brad Marsh scored.
    but seriously,
    Pelle Ecklund between the legs or
    Deni Savard Spinaramma or
    any Stephan Richer slapshot (especially the one the went through the net) or
    Steve Larson half court slapshot

  6. Kevin says:

    Here’s a cool one that just happened in the minors.

  7. Gar Bercury says:

    A little biased but I have to point out Lemieux’s goal in the 91′ stanley cup finals against the North Stars when he split 2 defenders with a hideous move and then beat Casey “like a rented mule” Also, the goal by Forsberg in the Olympics, wow…what a goal and a money goal at that.

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