Therien Scratched

Flyers Notes | No matter how you look at it, Sharp’s happy to be in Chicago
Jones, Seidenberg and Meyer dressed ahead of Therien who missed the game because of “back spasms.”

It’s probably a matter of semantics, but to Patrick Sharp it makes a difference.
Earlier this week, Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock said Sharp had asked the team to trade him before he was dealt to the Chicago Blackhawks for winger Matt Ellison on Dec. 5.
Ellison is with the Phantoms. Sharp plays 12 minutes a night with the Blackhawks.
“I never wanted to leave Philadelphia and never asked outright to be traded, but I think everyone knew the situation I was in,” Sharp said yesterday.
“I wasn’t playing a whole lot, there were some injuries, and it looked as if I wasn’t going to play more than a few minutes. I felt if the organization didn’t feel I was going to play, it would be best to move on.”

Blowout loss to Blue Jackets turns chippy

But, with the game completely out of reach in the last 10 minutes, the Penguins racked up 40 minutes in penalties, including fighting majors to veterans Lyle Odelein and John LeClair to add to Andre Roy’s two and one each from Ryan Malone and Colby Armstrong earlier in the game.

Facing Off: Q&A with Jeremy Roenick
Rarity of rarities, Jeremy Roenick sits down to talk with ESPN. But you have to love this excuse for why he’s struggled so far this season.

Q: Why did you struggle so much at the start of this season?
A: I struggled ’cause I couldn’t get my skates sharpened the way I like. I wasn’t confident in my footing. I wasn’t confident in my feet. When you feel like you’re going to fall down and you’re off balance, you’re going to struggle.

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  1. Jon B. says:

    Bullshit. Come on Jeremy!

  2. psuloser says:

    Notfornothing, but I once had a guy tell me the reason he was off sides was because his skates were too sharp…..

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