Standings as of 11/18/06

A Division

Team GP W L T Pts
Zebras 13 9 3 1 19
Bandits 13 8 4 1 17
Penguins 13 8 4 1 17
Rams 13 7 3 3 17
Continentals 13 5 8 0 10

B Division

Team GP W L T Pts
Stealth 13 8 5 0 16
Green Parrot 14 6 8 0 12
Blades 13 5 8 0 10
Brewers 13 2 11 0 4

As of 1/18/06

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3 Responses to Standings as of 11/18/06

  1. The usual suspect says:

    Well looks like the continentals are out. They would have to win 4 games just to catch up, 8 to tie a team that wins 4 out of their next 8 games.
    It might seem exciting.. but it really is not. Same thing as last year. The worst part about it is the season will span another ten weeks and some weeks we will go with out a game and others we will have two games in less than seven days.
    When does WISS start?

  2. Jon B. says:

    Wiss Spring League will start the week of Monday March 27th. We are going to do a draft among the guys we know (Penguins, Rams & Friends). Hopefully we can get three or four teams out of our group. We are then hoping that WSC siuts up a team and maybe another mens league team (Stealth?). A six team league would be great. We will have ice on Tuesday nights again, with the added possibility of Mondays or Sunday nights. I will also run a skate on Thursday nights. (8:45 or 9:00 start). The cost will basically be around $170-$180 for the nine week league including the tournament on Memorial day weekend. Spread the word, we will need players.

  3. Jon B. says:

    Art, Can you post the above on the main page? Also ask your tuesday night team if they would want to join.

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