Should They Go

NHL involvement in Olympics not a good thing

The NHL should make this its last Olympics. Either that or petition to play in the Summer Olympics, as NBA stars do. No other professional league tries to play a world
tournament in midseason. No other professional league would allow it.

The Smart fellow at Off Wing Opinion suggests “cancel the World Juniors during Olympic years, and send those kids to the games? They’ll play their guts out, and we’ll still get to see the NHL’s best play for their flags in the World Cup of Hockey.”
Teemu Selanne gets 1,000th point in Anaheim’s 4-3 OT win over Kings

Teemu Selanne felt humbled to join such a select group.
“Only 70 players in NHL history have done that, so it’s a big honour to be in that club,” the Mighty Ducks’ Selanne said Monday night after he scored two goals to reach 1,000 career points in Anaheim’s 4-3 overtime victory over the Los Angeles Kings. “I’m very lucky that I’ve always played with great players who have helped me a lot. You can’t score 1,000 points if you don’t have great linemates and great teammates.”

Puck alters NHL ref’s outlook

Perhaps you recall the gory details. The guy everyone calls Van Mass was hit flush in the face by a deflected shot on Nov. 23. Talk about rolling craps. It was game No. 711 in his career.
The blast drove his nose back to the point the septum was nearly touching his brain, the bone below one eye was broken and his forehead was shattered.
That’s most of the damage. Now, the repairs.
Seven titanium plates were required, along with tissue taken from his abdomen, to rebuild his face. There’s always a bit of inner rebuilding, too.

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