Melrose: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Flyers, others battling through adversity

At the start of the season, the only players you heard about were Peter Forsberg and Simon Gagne. But now, no one will deny the depth the Flyers have. This new resource of wealth could also help Philadelphia at the trade deadline. I still think the Flyers need another goaltender — they don’t want to go into the playoffs with a rookie netminder, no matter how well Niittymaki is playing. With younger — and cheaper — players showing what they can do, it gives Philadelphia more options.

Has Barry forgotten the Flyers “starting” goalie took them to within a game of the Stanley Cup Finals in ’04 and Nittymaki won the only Calder Cup last year? The team can’t fit a big dollar goalie in under the cap and who would it be anyway? Especially with a likely bidding war for the available talent with Vancouver, Colorado and Tampa struggling in goal.
Vote in the poll for who you think will be starting game one of the playoffs for the Flyers.

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7 Responses to Melrose: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  1. Jon B. says:

    Note to Barry: blah, blah, blah ,blah.
    How many times have you heard that the flyers need a goalie for the playoffs? Yet every year, they end up losing in the playoffs because of a lack of scoring. Hell, even Chechmanek had a great playoff against Ottawa (remember the 2 goals for in five games fiasco). Is esche a top five goalie? No. Can you get a top five goalie without losing good young players? No. Will getting such a goalie guarantee a cup? No. People don’t realize that in the new NHL the trade equation has changed. The new equation is talent + age + salary = value. The salary part is new and the age part takes on greater importance because younger players are generally cheaper. So, If the Flyers trade for a Loungo etc, expect the forward and defense depth to depreciate both because of the trade itself (loss of assets) and the necessary salary shuffling (i.e. goalie taking up 10% of cap).

  2. fiyah says:

    and what the hell did Patrick Sharp do to piss off Hitchcock or CLarke? Jesus….
    Ellison? He’s shittin the bed, even for the Phantoms.

  3. Sid's Dad says:

    I agree with John B. and fiyah.

  4. Jon B says:

    You know what? In light of the Flyers recent success, I forgot about the Sharp trade. We might be getting petty here but to me Sharp seems like the player of the two with the better upside. That equals better trade value come the deadline. Sharp would at least dominate in the AHL. However, Sharp isn’t really tearing it up in CHI either (14 gp 0 goals, 5 assists).

  5. todd says:

    sharp was a pain in the ass to the organization. he was in clark” and hitch’s offices every day complaining that he earned a spot on the team and deserved significantly more ice time. When chicago called to inquire about the availabilty of sharp, clarkie cut the deal for ellison immediately

  6. JB says:

    Is that inside information?

  7. turk says:

    goalies are a whole new factor in any equation in the new NHL. What the flyers have that other teams don’t is a good 1-2 punch. to me, that’s more important than having one go-to guy. HB will run him in the first game of the playoffs and knock him out.
    For the flyers, if both are healthy, it doesn’t matter which guy is in net. the team plays the same game, confidently and consistently. The point that barry the fizzari should make is that the flyers will be hurting if Jamie storr has to play. Or, if esche is hurt again.

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