Lagerheads Chicago Update

Hotel is Chicago Marriot Downtown, 540 N. Michigan Ave. 60611 (312-836-0100)
Rink is Johnny’s Ice House 1350 W. Madison St. 60607 (312-226-5555
Travel from airport: Airport Express offers shuttle every 15 minutes. One-way from Midway, it’s $15. O’hare, $20.
Midway is the closest airport. Taxi trip is $25 from midway. $30-$40 from O’hare. You can probably split this with one other guy, maybe two if it’s a taxi minivan.
To get to and from the rink – Cab is $10. A couple of our guys will have cars. Parking is $35 per day at the hotel. $20/day in local lots.
After every game, you get a free beverage. Beverage = beer. Beer = fun. You also get one dinner voucher for a variety of good places.

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  1. anonymous says:

    make sure you wear your helmet on the flight if you land at midway

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