Kovalchuk Cheats

Controversy as Kovalchuk extends goal streak
What do you think? Illegal stick?

Officials huddled following Savard’s goal to discuss an allegation that Kovalchuk was using an illegal stick.
“Kovalchuk knew it was illegal. He always plays with an illegal stick,” Nashville coach Barry Trotz said. “I watch him on TV.”
Trotz and his players said they were unable to get the officials to check the stick before Kovalchuk made a switch.
“I saw him throw it to his trainer behind the bench,” Sullivan said. “He took it down the hallway.”
Kovalchuk denied the charges.
“They tried to look at my stick, but it was the legal one,” he said. “Yes, I’m sure it was legal.”

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5 Responses to Kovalchuk Cheats

  1. HB says:

    Legal no doubt about it!

  2. Jive Turkey, Esquire says:

    You said, “it was the legal one …”
    Ilya, is there an illegal one?
    Answer the question.

  3. Art says:

    Ah all this stick measurement talk reminds me of a story. I was playing in a league at Wintersport about ten years ago and these two teams were bitter rivals and were just battling each other. 14 penalties to 13. And there was a rule that if you received 15 penalties in one game you forfeited the game. So the team with 14 penalties was down two goals in the final minute. So they called for a stick measurement. Sure enough, the stick was illegal, they won. And all hell broke loose. benches on the ice. Cops called. It was great.

  4. thegoatsbro says:

    I think I played in that game. It might have been my stick.

  5. Bumba says:

    That curve looks perfectly legal to me.

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