Goaltending Record

With Antero Niittymaki perhaps showing the strains of playing 17 consecutive games. Who holds the NHL record for most consecutive games played by a goaltender in a season?
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In 1995-96 Grant Fuhr played 76 consecutive games for the St. Louis Blues. He also set the record for most games played as he was between the pipes 79 times that season.

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13 Responses to Goaltending Record

  1. bg says:

    glenn hall?

  2. boobs says:

    I want to say marty brodeur for the modern era, but think terry sawchuk might have it.

  3. HockeyBobIsMyIdol says:

    Grant ‘I have one nut’ Fuhr, with the Blues

  4. HB says:

    Kelly Rhudy

  5. Kelly Rhudy says:


  6. HB says:

    Say what you want. I will have my revenge in the spring or summer. I just need Goalie pants a glove and a chest protector. I should have them in time to get between the pipes this summer.

  7. HB says:

    I thought you guys might like this
    Sad but no surprise. Playing for the Belfast Giants of the British Elite Ice Hockey League, Theo Fleury tried to get out of the penalty box and confront hostile Coventry fans during a recent game against the Coventry Blaze. Fleury was stopped and kicked out of the game. The Blaze organization issued a statement saying Fleury “clearly has anger management issues,” but also said it hoped he had seen the error of his ways and would welcome him back to Coventry for another “entertaining game.” Fleury may soon run out of leagues to irritate with his problematic behavior.

  8. goat says:

    Doen’t He like the “smack” also.

  9. HockeyBobSmellsLikeOldMan says:

    After good ol’ Grant play almost an entire season for the Blues he was injured just before the start of the playoffs that year. Who was the back-up goaltender who was thrown under the bus for the 1st round of the playoffs?

  10. RAZ says:

    Who doesn’t like the “smack”?

  11. Art says:

    Pat Jablonski?

  12. HockeyBobSucksFarts says:

    I actually have no idea who the back up goalie was for Fuhr. I thought maybe someone else would.

  13. Art says:

    Well I had to look it up. It was Jon Casey who filled in for Fuhr after he was injured. Casey won one round and managed two assists in the playoffs that year.

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