Divers Need Not Apply

Why Crosby doesn’t deserve Rookie of the Year

There are a lot of reasons why Crosby should be considered a top rookie of the year candidate. And deservingly so. He is having a very good year. But in my mind there is one thing that he does that should automatically eliminate him from contention and it was seen once again in last nights game against the Atlanta Thrashers. I’m not talking about him losing his cool and taking a retaliation slashing penalty, I’m talking about him taking a diving penalty. In my mind, diving is as unsportsmanlike as you can get almost on par with straight out cheating.

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4 Responses to Divers Need Not Apply

  1. HB says:

    I hate him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i’ve seen this before. a new, prettier girl comes to school and all the cheerleaders automatically hate her and call her a slut. Aren’t you really the slut?

  3. Jon B. says:

    Diving is cheating. No less in my mind then using steroids. It is unfair to the refs who have enough trouble calling panalties. Diving is usually apparant in slow motion. The NHL shjould step up with its fining and suspension of divers. It will be interesting if they fine/ suspend Crosby.
    That being said, Crosby will be, in the end, the best player in the NHL. Ovechkin will be exactly like Kovalchuk and Bure were before him, an unbelieveable goal scorer. Crosby will be a combination of Sakic (goalscoring) and Francis (passing), but with more flair and creativity. Which would you rather have? I also ask this question: Who would you rather have long term, Kovalchuk or Spezza (#1 and #2 in the 2001 draft)? Two years ago it was a slam dunk, but now Spezza looks like a complete player who makes everyone around him better.

  4. bg says:

    i wouldn’t mind having kovalpuke in knuble’s spot. He has a lot of goals, but he’s butched a lot of great chances as well. Maybe Carter someday, but he doesn’t look ready yet.

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