Battle of the Sexes

High school boys beat U.S. Olympic team

The Warroad High School boys’ team squeaked out a 2-1 victory over the U.S. Olympic women’s hockey team Wednesday.
Allen McBride’s goal with 3:52 remaining – a backhander past Team USA goalie Chanda Gunn – proved to be the game-winner.
“They were nice to put a team up against us that was spirited and you could tell by the reactions that it meant as much to those kids as it does to us,” Team USA coach Ben Smith said.
“Hockey is hockey. I think the people liked it. It seemed like a nice crowd and just a wonderful evening.”

Warroad High School is the defending Class A champion in Minnesota, completing a 29-0-2 record. This season they are off to a 7-2-1 start.

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11 Responses to Battle of the Sexes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hard to know what to take from it. They were probably a pretty good high school team (minn). I for one think that the womens olympic team would crush the Rams.

  2. Bumba says:

    Who doesn’t crush the Rams (Ha Ha)?

  3. sammy's slug says:

    hate hate hate!

  4. HB says:

    Obviously the rams would have trouble with both teams because of the fire power on the two teams. Rams are as good team but they don’t want to get in a shoot out with anyone. 2 goals… that be tough for the rams offense to match.

  5. Thor says:

    But we have the MVP. Sure to score on the Olympic team.

  6. H B says:

    Agreed the rams could do some damage to the female team. Buddy weiser would end up sleeping with the coach or the oldest player. MVP would test their stick handling skills. Collin quite possibly would bite an ear off one of the broads. Fire would make the goalies pum pum rehdA.

  7. RAZ says:

    If the Rams only had a cheerleading squad like Warroad HS, they’d have a similar record.

  8. fiyah da furburgler says:

    wouldn’t that be great to munch on that girl sitting on top of the net? or vice versa, great head height. sorry, i know this is probably over the line. I can’t help myself looking at that pic. Perhaps this scene will make Eddie famous in his next flick. *cues wah pedal music.

  9. Presiding Minister says:

    I thought the MVP got engaged and was getting married. No more hockey games against girls for him.

  10. Edwardo Calderon says:

    I’m in. Can those girls handle 10″ ? Maybe the one on the top right can*. Do you guys think they are hot?
    * Cues Octane

  11. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese says:

    Eddie, don’t fold that in half for any of those girls, give them the full 20″.

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