Timebomb a No Show – Rams Roll

schaefer.gifTimebomb was no where to be found as the Rams ran roughshod over Dev, Canuck and the rest of the Brewers ‘squad. Billy Mellisen scored the hat trick to lead the way as the Rams thoroughly dominated enroute to an 8-0 victory. Melissen enjoyed his cans of Schaefer after the game almost as much as his hat trick during the game. Colin Baker was also awarded a can of delicious Schaefer after managing to stay out of the penalty box the entire game.
Kevin Dowell was solid, if a bit bored, throughout as he stopped twenty shots while getting his first shutout of the season.
With the B-leaguer barnstorm over the Rams get back to serious business next Thursday as they face the hated Zebras at 10:40.

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