Rams Might Leave Glenside

Glenside — Into waning hours of the workday Thursday, Ram’s brass, Glenside Borough Officials, and a few other drunk guys continued negotiations at Union Jacks. The objective: Keep the Rams financially solvent, thus keeping them in Glenside, and among the top 5 squads in the CML-A at Wintersport.
“It’s something every team is going to face now that our fan base has gone to the New NHL,” said a team spokesperson who requested anonymity. “We’ve lost our revenue base. This year’s beef and beer collection was short. We’re gonna have to buck up.”
Glenside mayor Paddy O’ Furniture was unavailable, and is believed to be looking for help from state governor Fast Eddie Rendell, who promised slots proceeds. In the meantime, each player is being asked to bring $65 to Sunday’s tilt vs. the maligned Hoagie City Penguins.
“this match up is always a good one. Maybe we’ll cover with the gate.”

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2 Responses to Rams Might Leave Glenside

  1. Eddie's Kickstand says:

    The Rams can leave Glenside, just keep up with the puck bunnies on the website.

  2. Art says:

    If we can’t afford Glenside I think it’s the near Northeast and I don’t think there’s any internet access there.

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