Puck Bunny III

On the crazy scale from 1-10, all women are a 9 or 10. The trick is to find your 9.
– Leo, bartender, hockey player, philosopher
Unfortunately for Sheldon Souray he found a 10. A hot 10, but a boiling rabbits insane one.
Angelica Bridges
Born: 1973
Birthplace: Harrisonville, MO
Married to: Sheldon Souray, defenseman – Montreal Canadiens
Angelica Bridges is probably best known as the hot redhead from Baywatch. She has also been on the cover of Playboy Magazine. Montreal defenseman Sheldon Souray met the sexy Angelica and soon after was married in a big wedding at the Bellagio in Vegas. Guests dined on offbeat wedding fare such as fried chicken and maccaroni and cheese. The couple had a child Valentina but three years to the day they were married Angelica filed for divorce.
Shortly thereafter she called Montreal police alleging she had been assaulted by Sheldon and shoved against a stove. No charges were filed.
Things have gotten uglier since as according to Sheldon, Angelica “has made calls to the media, claiming [I’ve] assaulted her and hoping to ruin my reputation and embarrass me in the city where I live and work.” According to Souray’s attorney the alleged assault came to public light when none other than Angelica Bridges called various media outlets and anonymously tipped them the story. For more check out the full Montreal Gazette story.
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