Late Night Update

While everyone else is sleeping I’m trying to release some software. Unfortunately it is going slow, so here’s some hockey news.
What Lamoriello calls retirement, agent calls ‘leave’

On Monday, during a question-and-answer session with reporters, Lamoriello said Malakhov had decided to retire. According to Lamoriello, the lanky Russian defender had made his decision on the flight back to New Jersey after Saturday’s 4-1 loss in Carolina. If that’s the case, it would be a gift from the salary-cap gods. Malakhov’s $3.6 million annual salary — he signed a two-year contract with the club in August — would come off the books. That would enable the Devils to keep McGillis on the big-league roster. Lamoriello said he was planning to sign veteran Tommy Albelin to fill the spot. However, Malakhov’s agent, Paul Theofanous, claims (through a spokesman) that Malakhov has not retired. Instead, Theofanous says, Malakhov requested a personal leave of absence.

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