Lalime’s Buying

The priciest team not in the NHL?

Patrick Lalime, an NHL All-Star starter in 2002-03, will easily be the highest-paid player in the American Hockey League – this season, and maybe any season – at $2.43 million.
Lalime’s salary is believed to be more than the entire payroll of any AHL team, and will double Peoria’s player payroll, making the Rivermen the highest-priced team not in the NHL.

Fischer future in NHL to be determined

Grateful he’s still alive, Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jiri Fischer doesn’t know if he will play hockey again.
Fischer spoke to the media on Monday, his first comments since collapsing in convulsions on the bench during a game against Nashville last month.
“I’m really, really glad to be here,” said Fischer, who was often overcome by emotion during the news conference. “Not too many people get a second chance like I did.”

Shoulder strain to sideline Brashear tonight

The Flyers’ injury situation has reached the absurd. Donald Brashear yesterday was diagnosed with a left shoulder strain and will not play tonight at Columbus. According to Flyers trainer Jim McCrossin, Brashear suffered the injury in Saturdays’ win over Minnesota, but it was not fully determined he could not play until yesterday.

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2 Responses to Lalime’s Buying

  1. Diz Gillespie says:

    Hopefully he’s done…
    probobly one of the toughest dudes in the NHL,
    but with the new rules…
    He’s looking worse,
    real slow, and stupid,
    the age of the goon is over,
    you gotta have some skills to keep up with the new game.

  2. fiyah says:

    i’d keep him, but someone needs to light a fire under his ass. And i hope he does something to that #38 for the Habs, that bitch has to pay for what he did to Primeau.

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