Flyers to field NHL lineup

Return engagements

Of all the teams the Flyers like to measure themselves against, the Ottawa Senators are at the top of the list. So it is no small break that when they meet them tonight for the second time this season, they will have two of their top players in the lineup, back from injury. Both Simon Gagne (groin tear) and Mike Richards (concussion) practiced hard yesterday and will be available tonight at the Wachovia Center.

Smallwood: NHL integrity, season threatened by Olympics

I’m not in favor of the NHL shutting down for 17 days in February for the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.
Sure, it’s great to see the top NHL stars going against each other in the ultimate tournament of national pride, but not so great for the integrity of the NHL season.
And really, that’s what we’re talking about here.
By shutting itself down from Feb. 12 to March 1, the NHL will create an artificial influence on the entire 2005-06 season, and the results could range from it being little more than a hiccup to drastically altering the course of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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