Flyers Injuries Continue to Mount

PressBox with Hitchcock
What is the latest injury report?

“Jeff Carter won’t play. He still has some after effects of the ear injury so we are going to leave him at home and get him ready for Monday’s game against Buffalo. (Donald) Brashear isn’t ready yet. He’s participating in practice, but his shoulder is still a little bit sore so we’ll wait until next week for him. (Brian) Savage is ready to go and he will play on Saturday. (Mike) Richards is not cleared yet (to play). He’s cleared for full activity so we are going to take Mike with us on the trip and give him full activity tomorrow morning and hopefully have him ready to play. He’s not concussed, everything is clear but they (the doctors) asked us to just hold back from full activity today. They want to wait until tomorrow morning. If he does the full activity tomorrow and feels good then he will be cleared to play. (Robert) Esche is out two weeks with the groin issue, exactly the same as what he had before. It flared up a little bit, it’s not nearly as bad as the other one was but it flared up again so they asked to have him sit for 10 to 14 days. We called up Jamie Storr and we will bring Matt Ellison to cover for Mike Richards in case that happens and then we will bring the same guys, (Pat) Kavanagh, (Josh) Gratton and (Ben) Eager back with us.”

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