Florida State Hottie Does Interview

We’ve given some attention to Florida State super fan Jenn Sterger before, but now we know her name. Stalking will be much easier! She’s blown up big time now and will be in Maxim in 2006 and Playboy after that. And today she’s interviewed by some dude Ramsey on his site, Across-the-Board.
None of this may be extremely newsworthy, but it offers a good excuse to post a picture of her.

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2 Responses to Florida State Hottie Does Interview

  1. Anonymous says:

    she’s not a party girl??? what do party girls do that she doesn’t describe below? other than, well, mens league hockey players?
    Honestly, contrary to popular belief I am not a big party girl. I am a pizza, beer, and a good match-up on Monday Night Football girl. When I do party it is usually on the weekends, which start on Thursday and end on Sunday in Tally. Thursday nights I work a power hour @Elements, which is really just pre-drinking while getting paid. My boss likes to make sure his employees have a good time…while making the bar some money, nothing wrong with that. I usually end up at Yanni’s or Potbelly’s / Painted after that. And Fridays are usually greeted with a hangover.
    Friday nights: I usually work, but when I am off will hit up an occasional house party. Saturdays are usually devoted entirely to college football and a victory/lick-my-wounds drinking round post game. Sundays again are devoted to football. I usually just find a local sports bar with good wings, and good beer, and roll up in my gym clothes and camp out for a few hours to watch the different games. Other than that though, I am strictly a homebody.

  2. Art says:

    Wait a second, you read the interview?

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