Enforcer Notes

Brashear has a pedigree of greatness

There’s a lot about Donald Brashear’s tumultuous upbringing we will never know, but this much we can ascertain.
The Flyer forward hails from an illustrious family which has produced greatness in all different walks of life.
To wit: Brashear’s uncle, Carl, was the inspiration for the movie “Men of Honor.”

Ex-NHL goon now fights on legal front

Stu Grimson has a new moniker.
“I’ve gone from being the Grim Reaper to being the Grim Reader,” says the former NHL enforcer.
The 40-year-old Grimson graduated from law school at the University of Memphis a little more than two weeks ago, a surprising feat only to those who didn’t know the cerebral side of him all those years.
“I think we’re all guilty of doing this to some extent; we see someone play in a certain style or role and we project a whole set of characteristics to them,” Grimson said this week from his Nashville home. “When we actually get to know them we find out they’re actually someone quite contrary to those characteristics we kind of hung on them.

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