A Christmas Story


On the Third Day of Christmas the hockey gods gave to us,
Three Hoagie Goals
Two Thor Tallies
and One Kevin Dowell Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree

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8 Responses to A Christmas Story

  1. Bumba says:

    Be nice Arthur Orr…

  2. Kevin says:

    Speaking of Hoagie, whatever happened to Hoagie’s Corner Deli or whatever his weekly rant/column was going to be?

  3. HB says:

    His brother vetoed the idea.

  4. Who's Your Daddy says:

    I feel like I am reading a column written by the biased Philly announcers. Mine as well have Coatsey, Dorny, and Jackson writing this column. Hey, when the Rams win there were gutsy efforts, spectacular plays, goalies standing on their heads. When they get spanked around the ice for 2 hours the other team barely gets mentioned and then you try to distract the readers with some drinking and partying with Bern.

  5. HB says:

    I hate reading about the rams games, lets keep the focus on drinking and partying. I am real excited about the holiday skates… bring your spare liver. Lets get the dates and times finalized and up on the site.

  6. bern says:

    hate hate hate. Party in my pants. Except when i shit myself, then they are shants.

  7. Bumba says:

    Skate and Poop party in Bernie’s pants…

  8. Rush says:

    I think it a conspiracy of liberal jew media.

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