Tournament Update: Who’s In?


  • Collin
  • Hockey Bob
  • Corey
  • Bernie
  • Aldo
  • Art
  • Chris G.
  • Denny


  • Jones
  • Brnich
  • Dean

FENCE (Or haven’t been heard from)

  • Jenkins
  • Booty
  • Carmen
  • Coddaire
  • Kevin
  • Wanger

The dates are March 9 to 12 (Thursday to Sunday).

Hockey Bob is cool enough to be wrangling up travel options…

Somebody else might want to look into tix for Thursday night’s Blackhawks game

Please let me know asap about your status. Thanks to bern and chris for your payment. I”ll get the rest of you guys tonight or next Tuesday.

Money works like this …

  • I’ll need $50 cash in the next week or two.
  • You’ll need $175 for a room/hockey deposit in early January (you can use credit card)
  • You’ll need $175 for final room/hockey payment in early February (again, you can use CC)
  • Plus your flight and beer money.

After the tourney, you’ll get some of your original $50 back depending on what ice and incidentals there are. But it covers the team deposit that I have to put down to register.

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2 Responses to Tournament Update: Who’s In?

  1. golin says:

    bumba was in as of last saturday…….mi sey wha hapen pon da tourney bumba mon?

  2. dk says:

    booty is in.
    carmen is out.
    andre is out.

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