Thor on IR; Doc Prescribes Viking Boot.

boot.jpgScandinavia – The wind blows cold here at the Etchells family compound in the Scandanavian hinterland. But not as cold as the news that Arthur “Thor” Etchells will miss six weeks due to a heel spur.
“Ugh. Argh.” Thor said as he spoke to GM Dean Kline via ram-horn conference. “My heel has a spur and I’m out for a while.” Thor underwent treatment for the spur, which involved a 30-minute ram-manure soak, blood letting, and 6 pints of Grog, still doctors say he’ll be out 6 weeks.
“Thor’s condition is a rare one among his people, and made worse due to his also having swelling of the Achilles tendon,” said Doctor Helmut Horn from the Leif Ericson Explorer and Rehab Center. “We’ve prescribed a unique boot, characterized by a reinforced heel, crepe sole, chromium tanned top grain cow hide and a seam up the back of the leg for added circulation.” Doctor Horn also said a gay design at the top speeds healing.
In lieu of cards and flowers, please send raw zebra meat.
Bone Spur X-Rays
X Ray 1
X Ray 2

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  1. Red Rocket says:

    I see nothing wrong! And I would also deny your insurance claim! Get on the ice! Ever heard the expression “he’s a hockey player”?

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