Sid Tells Hockey Bob, Bumba to Stick It

Crosby scores twice in Penguins’ 5-1 win over Islanders

Mario Lemieux chuckled when asked what he thought about Sidney Crosby’s first two-goal game in the NHL. “Everything that he is doing now is quite amazing at his age,” Lemieux said after his 18-year-old linemate had three points in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 5-1 victory over the New York Islanders on Thursday night.

American hockey talent pipeline is solid

We could be witnessing another phase of the USA’s long, long march toward narrowing the gap with Canada as a producer of premium hockey talent.

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6 Responses to Sid Tells Hockey Bob, Bumba to Stick It

  1. Bumba says:

    OVERRATED……He is no James Brnich.

  2. red rocket says:

    I think Billy Mel fills the net better than Crosby.

  3. Red Rocket says:

    Maybe even Deaner

  4. Deaner says:

    Thanks, “red”, i’m flattered. one question – does red rocket refer to your helmet … or a dog’s hardon?

  5. Red "Puppy" Rocket says:

    does anyone on the Rams have a red helmet?

  6. goat says:

    I also thank you red. I do not have a red helmet, but i do have an undersized and abondoned pink helmet,

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