Rams Mask

Check out Kevin’s new mask. Or at least what it would look like if we put another donation bucket up on the site and received more than $0.25 in donations. The mask is part of the gallery at Pro-Masque.

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5 Responses to Rams Mask

  1. RAZ says:

    If I ever show up at the rink with a painted mask, someone please put a bullet in my head. A painted mask is like a bad cocaine habit – god’s way of tellin’ you that you make too much money. Come to think of it, someone please put a bullet in my head anyhoo……

  2. Art says:

    I thought Wanger was purely a weed guy.

  3. Kevin says:

    …well, on second thought Art, maybe we don’t want to take up a collection.

  4. kratzer says:

    Raz,i feel the same way about getting a new helmet – not just painting it. Mine is going on three decades….

  5. red rocket says:

    Seeing as how I can’t hit the net, I’ll throw in 30 bucks for that bad bouty!

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