Rams dull Blades in 6-1 win

blades.jpgDenny notched his first of the year, Bern had two, Coddaire and Golin tickled the twine as did Colin, who also managed to stay out of the penalty box in the Rams 6-1 win over the Blades. “I didn’t want to go in the box,” said the towering defensmen, “I’d miss my friend Art too much.”
In a side note, Carter set a new record for shots at the top shelf in one period, as the Rams set a 2005-06 benchmark for attendance at one (yes, 1). The two events seemed to be related. “My girlfriend just said: ‘You guys are slow.’ “ Carter confided after the game. Rams front office is looking into a no-attendance policy for the remainder of the season.
Stay tuned for confirmation about Saturday’s skate at Wintersport with the flightless birds, and Tuesdays at Melody Brook.

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