Oldest Barn in the League

What is the oldest arena being used in the NHL?

Affectionately known as the Igloo, Mellon Arena which was born Civic Arena was built way back in 1961.

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3 Responses to Oldest Barn in the League

  1. fiyah says:

    dean left me there, i got lost in the bowls of the igloo. Then he was pulled over by a copper….instant kharma’s gonna get you…..
    qui n’as pas paye.

  2. jt says:

    True story, although i wish it weren’t. One small detail: Bernie’s “buddy” in the hockey van said he got a ride from somebody else. And after bern wandered around the igloo for nearly 30 minutes before finding the exit, i thought he was on the road already … or lost forever.
    Another car in our convoy got pulled over about 15 miles outside of pgh., so i pulled the van over. I looked in my mirror and saw bernie burnin’ fire as he hopped out of a car and ran towards us with his hockey bag. good stuff.
    I also left brendan downs at the war memorial in johnstown once after playing pitt johnstown … and that was even funnier because brendan had to catch the tour bus on foot. he did, luckily. speedy little bugger.
    Moral of these stories: don’t ride with me. or, make sure your “buddy” waits for you to get on the bus before he says it’s ok to go.

  3. Ross Feltz says:

    i’m trying ton win the F’ing Game Gareeeeey!

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