New NHL Turns Heat Up on GMs

For struggling teams, coach might not be first to go

The new collective bargaining agreement is an owners’ agreement. It leveled the economic playing field and saw an unprecedented distribution of talent around the league. The new deal also created unprecedented expectations in almost every corner, but those expectations also removed the safety nets that allowed many GMs in small or frugal markets to keep their jobs in the face of on-ice failure.

Ducks claim Marchant off waivers

Todd Marchant is a Mighty Duck of Anaheim. The Ducks put in a waiver claim on the 32-year-old veteran centerwho was put on waivers twice in the last week by the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Olympics moving closer to NHL on obstruction

The NHL had a short Olympic wish list: full implementation of its new rules plus standardized goalie equipment.
On Tuesday, the league gained small satisfaction.
The International Ice Hockey Federation said it agreed in principle with the NHL’s new ideas about what constituted obstruction – but said it wouldn’t adopt the severe “zero tolerance” policy toward obstructive player contact that the NHL has.

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