Neely Enters Hall Tonight, Ulf Looking to Submarine Induction

ulf_cam.jpgMoment etched in time

If Cam Neely’s moment of glory here tonight — his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame — were a true Neely moment, he would come charging through the hallowed Great Hall, wipe out the front row of tuxedoed dignitaries, and smash the vault door to smithereens inside the old bank building.
Now that would be great TV. All the spicier if Ulf Samuelsson or Claude Lemieux just happened to be, you know, in the ‘hood, spotted by Neely as they tried to catch a glimpse from the street.

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3 Responses to Neely Enters Hall Tonight, Ulf Looking to Submarine Induction

  1. Anonymous says:

    sameulson career stats …
    I forgot he finished with the Flyers. He had 41 points with Hartford in the late 80’s. No wonder gretzky had 215.

  2. Art says:

    Of course Gretzky got all those points in the early 80s. Ulfie got 41 points because he played with that Whaler juggernaut featuring Dave Tippett, Carey Wilson, Dave Babych, Lindsay Carson. Ulf scored 41 points because they NEEDED him to.

  3. dk says:

    I call “Dave Babych” for tonight at melodybrooke.

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