Matt Mimics Moniker

big_bear.jpgMatt “MVP” Coddaire lived up to his nickname, scoring a hat trick for the Rams as they skated past the Stealth 7-2. Coddaire was the big bear of the show bagging three goals for the Rams as they rolled to their third victory of the season. Coddaire, who was questionable for the game because of bad shoulder, credited some solid porridge he received last weekend in New York for fueling his stellar performance. Injured Rams defenseman Arthur Etchells remarked “maybe it was the bed that was just right.”.
In any event Coddaire was just one of the stars of the evening as Billy Mellissen tallied twice against his former team and Kevin Dowell was solid between the pipes. Denny Schmidt showed signs of a bad skate sharpening, or perhaps several hours at Big Heads as each time he turned right he seemed to wipe out. But Denny recovered nicely for the fouth period bringing forty beers to the game and scoring a pizza later at the Blue Comet.

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2 Responses to Matt Mimics Moniker

  1. jshoup says:

    Nice win boys. 40 beers will be tough to beat.

  2. Goldilocks says:

    Hello boys, this is Goldilocks. I treated Matt to some much needed R & R in New York. He lapped up my porridge like a good little boy. After sleeping in my bed I sent him back to Philly energized and a scoring machine. Game on!

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