Flyers Disrespect Pens?

Flyers don’t respect us, says Olczyk

Penguins coach Eddie Olczyk doesn’t believe the Philadelphia Flyers take his team all that seriously, even after the Penguins beat the Flyers, 3-2, in overtime Wednesday.
Especially after that, in fact.
the post-game quotes from Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock were hard to ignore. Asked about Penguins rookie Sidney Crosby, who scored the winning goal on a breakaway in overtime and had three points, Hitchcock told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Other than the breakaway, I didn’t notice him. … It’s hard to notice the other team when you spend a lot of time in the other team’s zone.”

New war of words brewing

There’s a new coach-to-coach/media flap – namely Ken Hitchcock’s unfavorable critique of Sidney Crosby’s Wednesday performance (and a carefully spoken “no comment” to a media-driven charge of diving the following day) and Pittsburgh coach Ed Olczyk’s reaction – that might give last season’s Tampa-Flyer “war of the words” a run for its money.

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