Could Yzerman Call It Quits?

Is the end near for Stevie Y?

Now, near is a funny word. Near could mean the end of this season. But near could also mean the end of this week. And were that to be the case, no one should be too surprised.
The truth is these must be difficult days, on and off the ice, for Yzerman, a Detroit hockey icon if ever there were one.
On the ice, his ravaged knee has been a pain, forcing him to ask for a day off on Saturday and raising serious questions about his ability to get through this season. Off the ice, it can’t be too much fun either, trying to wrestle with the emotional issue of precisely when is the right time to say he’s had enough.

Details on Danton-Frost to be revealed

Danton, the former St. Louis Blues player who admitted plotting to kill his agent, filed suit Nov. 18 in federal court in East St. Louis seeking to have his prison sentence vacated, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.
TSN is running a story Wednesday that promises details on the bizarre story.

ESPN Power Rankings

Ottawa, Detroit and Los Angeles are the top three. ESPN ranks the Flyers a middling 16th.

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