Bagaaaack Rams beat Parrot Rams beat Parrot Bagaaaack

The Rams continued their b-league barnstorming tour with their third win in as many games, strangling the Green Parrot 6-2. Goals by Carter (2), Dean, Bernie, Aldo and an empty netter by Shoup. Collin got some penalty minutes as did Dean and Jamie (no longer Lady Byng candidates), and Aldo finally had an excuse for tripping over the blueline – new skates. Next game, wed 11/30, versus the Brewers.
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2 Responses to Bagaaaack Rams beat Parrot Rams beat Parrot Bagaaaack

  1. Towensend says:

    Wow 2 guys averaging over a point a game. One guy averaging 4.2 Penalties a game. One of the best goals against and one of the worst goals for. Every one contributing on offense. Could this be a new look rams?

  2. Paul Bunyan says:

    I think that these calls against me are total BS. I only took a chopping swing and placed it across their arms, these players need to toughen up. Also, I think that the refs are targeting me because of my height. Townsend sucks.

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