Still Undefeated

eating_zebra.jpgIn what can only be described as a testy affair the Rams and Zebras literally battled their way to a tie, the third straight for the Rams. But this time it was the Rams who battled back from a deficit, as Billy Melissen and Z-Daldo scored in the third to knot it up at four.
And as good as the hockey was the extracurricular action was on par, as both teams paraded to the penalty box en route to filling the each line in the penalty section of the score sheet. The Rams will next be in action Sunday at 10:40 versus the Bandits.

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9 Responses to Still Undefeated

  1. goatsbro says:

    Nice game boys gritty and hard fought by all.

  2. zebras goalie says:

    SPAZZZZ!!! i’m gonna knock your teeth out Goat!

  3. Bumba says:

    It sounds as though the Zebras are the same team as last year. It must make the games alot of fun.

  4. goat says:

    That little F’er gave me nice face rake. It was well worth it after the knuckle ball goal.

  5. fiyah says:

    whats the over/under on Colin’s pen.minutes this season? I’m guessing around 106. That Zebra Goalie should calm down before he has a heart attack and dies on the ice. Hextall needs to relax.

  6. monkey King says:

    How about the over / under on the defense as a whole?

  7. shoup says:

    Boys … I will be back in action next Sunday. Enough of these ties!!! Let’s get a W. Where do we stand in our division??

  8. stan dings says:

    arty, maybe standings would be good for the ticker … although they’re not always updated. they can be found at
    we are tied for the lead with the pens, but only b/c we have played 4 games. zebras, only 2 games. bandits and continentals, 3.

  9. fiyah says:

    pat croce said the standings are updated on mondays.

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