Primeau Challenged

Primeau urged to step up

Don’t think for a second that just because Keith Primeau took a nasty one to the jaw Tuesday night, coach Ken Hitchcock had any thoughts of going easy on his captain Wednesday. In fact, the boss called a pow-wow in the morning, apparently to go over some leadership issues. It seems the coach wants a little more out of his right-hand man, be that on the ice or off it.

Playing up to speed?

There have been whispers throughout the NHL the past few weeks that the Flyers might not be built for the new, high-speed game. The Flyers’ coaches have heard it, and so have some of the players. After the loss at Montreal Tuesday night, the questions are at least worth considering.

Carlyle, Quinn fined for criticizing game

The NHL announced Wednesday that Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Pat Quinn and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle have been fined for making critical remarks about the game, the new rules and/or officiating. Deputy commissioner Bill Daly made the final decision on who was fined. Quinn criticized the new NHL last weekend.

Bertuzzi lesson not learned

We’re supposed to pretend that because the NHL reinstated Bertuzzi, his assault on Moore should be as if this is some driving violation, wiped off his record and out of our consciousness after the lapse of “x” number of months? That’s not about Bertuzzi.
That’s about a sport unwilling to hold itself up to ruthless self-examination, and not just to forget the lessons learned – but to never learn them at all. And it’s about fandom and media too often willing to allow the cacophony from the brainless (“If you disagree with me, you don’t understand the game!”) to drown out the thoughtful wing of hockey followers who believe their game can be better.

Worst beats best: Columbus gives Nashville first loss

The team that couldn’t win beat the team that hadn’t lost. Adam Foote scored on a short-handed rush 35 seconds into overtime to give the Columbus Blue Jackets a 3-2 victory over Nashville on Wednesday night, snapping the Predators’ season-opening, eight-game winning streak.

Goals fill nets and thoughts of prolific seasons

NHL scoring is up 27%, but another way the league can tell that its rules changes are working is that New York Rangers right wing Jaromir Jagr has been quizzed about whether he can score 50 goals in 50 games.

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